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Sunshine Raincoat
  • Sunshine Raincoat

    **NEW and IMPROVED **

    The Sunshine Raincoat is a statement piece for your dog to stand out from the crowd. This coat was designed to be practical, efficient yet stylish and affordable. This coat features a water-proof outer shell in a sunshine yellow hue, designed to stop your dog from getting wet and cold in challenging weather conditions.

    The coat also has quick-fasten velcro straps around the neck and stomach, for hassle-free application, convenient for walking your dog. This coat features a removable fleece lining for times when the weather is cold. This is easily removed by unfastening 3 button poppers.

    The coat features a small slit over the neckline so leads can be taken on and off and zipper harness hole without the need to remove the coat.

    Sizing Available:
    X-small - 17.5cm back length
    Small - 23cm back length
    Medium - 33cm back length
    Large - 43cm back length
    X-large - 51cm back length


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