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Coats, Jumpers & T-Shirts

The new Activewear is here..

The Sötnos clothing range has expanded again to feature our brand new Activewear range. The range of six coats, including colour variants, below are the perfect accessory for your dog's outdoor adventures.

Our range of Coats consist of a waterproof coat which is perfect for heavy downpours, and a shower proof coat ideal for those frosty, crisp mornings.

Our range of jumpers are super cosy and snuggly, and come in a range of designs to fit your dogs personality whilst keeping them warm in the winter months. Ranging from the bright Stripe Sweater to the classic Grey Cable Knit, you are bound to find the perfect item for your four legged friend.

Our T-Shirt is our own take on the classic Breton t-shirt. This t-shirt is timeless with it's classic stripe design, partnered with it's own embroidery detailing.

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